A Revolutionary Idea

When Fear Defies
Common Sense and Logic

by Rhonda

Intuition, common sense and logic: I really agree with your theories. What is the solution when paralyzing fear makes it impossible even to get the most corrected mistake understood, even after you give 500 examples of the repetition of the mistake and examples to show the common thread.

You say, what is your logic to how you got to that decision and the answer is "I don't know." I work with someone who is incapable of even giving an answer.

Fight, run away, or freeze are the emotional responses to danger. Anger prepares to attack. Fear seeks to discover escape routes. Intuition narrows the knowledge available to respond suitably to each emotion.

Paralyzing fear seeks to hide from danger by pretending to be dead. How can you think, when you are pretending to be a stone?

A person has access to common sense, only when she has stilled her fear. This website deals with methods of stilling normal fears. Abnormal fears may require professional assistance.


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