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What Happens When You Still Your Mind
And Focus On Doing Your Best?

The EFT way to be happy works by getting rid of your bad feelings through acupressure. You cannot consciously decide to feel happy. It is a completely subconscious process, like your digestion. If you eat putrid food, your stomach will revolt and make you feel awful. So also, if troubling thoughts enter your mind, you will feel miserable.

With food, you can choose wisely, by consciously avoiding stale food. But, you cannot easily restrict entry into your mind of only healthy thoughts. Beneath your awareness, hidden resentment, or anxiety can work their mischief and make you feel bad.

But, you can still those negative thoughts one by one through EFT. It is a simple acupressure related process, which calms these hidden upheavals. When your mind becomes still, happiness follows. You will not even need any supporting reasons for feeling good. But, you will need to be convinced that you can be totally happy without the satisfaction of all your needs.

  • Thousands of people have benefited from the EFT tapping technique introduced by Cary Craig.
  • This website suggests that EFT takes advantage of combinatorial coding.
  • Good feelings are neural events.
  • Chasing a satisfaction hierarchy is futile.
  • Material rewards are not the answer to achieving happiness.
  • Emotions dominate your mind.
  • Use EFT to still your mind.
  • Freedom from suffering brings joy.
  • But, good feelings do not persist for ever.
  • Mindfulness living enables you to appreciate the little things.
  • Focus on doing your best, whatever you do.

The EFT Way To Be Happy
How Does EFT Work?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It was developed by Gary Craig, who simplified ancient acupressure techniques into a simple one minute exercise. He identified nine nodal points in the body, where the application of this routine effectively brings about a powerful reduction in emotional turmoil. You are advised to note the intensity of an emotion, which bothers you on a 1 to 10 scale before the exercise. The EFT method is to sequentially tap each of the nine points with 2 or 3 fingers for a few seconds. During the process, focus your thoughts on the troubling emotion. Thousands of people acknowledge measurable reduction in the intensity of their emotions at the end of this one minute process. Get more details at the website.

The EFT Way To Be Happy
How Does Acupressure Work?

Acupressure utilizes the capacity of the mind to sense and respond to combinatorial patterns. Neurons recognize and transmit functional messages. Their signals selectively signify smells, heat, light, sounds, touch, pain and much more. Those signals also tense muscles and trigger the production of neurohormones. A Nobel Prize was awarded in 2004 for the discovery that the olfactory nerve system identifies smells by recognizing particular combinations of nerve signals.

This website holds that all neurons recognize combinations of incoming signals to fire, or to become inhibited. The touch sensory neurons produce the acupressure effect. The localized acupressure tapping signals are recognized by cells in other regions, which respond by inhibiting pain signals, or relaxing muscles. This process stills the emotions on which you have focused your attention. Since combinatorial codes work in a massively linked network, the application of tapping in one location generates responses in distant regions of the body. The pattern recognition process, which powers acupuncture and acupressure has been detailed elsewhere in this website.

The EFT Way To Be Happy
How Do You Get To Feel Good?

Good feelings are neural events. The septal area has been shown to be a pleasure zone for rats. Experiments were conducted on the animals with electrodes planted in this area where they could self stimulate themselves by pressing on a lever. They were observed to continue until they were exhausted, preferring the effect of stimulation to normally pleasurable activities such as consuming food. When your mind recognizes certain patterns, neural signals fire in a particular region of your brain and you feel good. If you eat good food, play piano exceptionally well, or win the Nobel Peace Prize, those signals will fire and you will feel good.

The EFT Way To Be Happy
Does The Mind Have A Satisfaction Hierarchy?

Just like animals, people also seek experiences, which trigger good feelings. Life is seldom a bed of roses. But, ideally, you can feel good, if you own a Ferrari, win at the Olympics, or feed the poor. Scientists have graded these levels of satisfaction. According to them, a fine meal is nice. You feel even better by playing a game well. The best feeling is delivered by selfless actions. They suggest that a pleasant life, a good life and a meaningful life occupy ascending levels in a hierarchy.

Luxury, competence and greatness are supposed to deliver more and more good feelings. But that idea appears flawed. Many famous people routinely live in great luxury, have notable competence, or deliver meaningful services to humanity. Such people should have enduring good feelings. But, news stories of their disputes, addictions and suicides prove that material success alone is insufficient. Neither wealth, success, nor even social respect can reliably deliver good feelings.

The EFT Way To Be Happy
Do Material Rewards Bring Happiness?

Good feelings are transient. In the experiments on rats, the animals repeatedly experienced pleasure, because, each time they pressed the lever, the septal regions reliably received an electrical stimulus. Electrical stimulation dependably brings pleasure. Unfortunately, after an initial outburst, nerve impulses fade away. So, the experiences, which initially trigger pleasure do not persistently produce the same response. The mind also seeks novelty and repeated perception of the same experience causes fatigue in the system. So, experiences, which appear exotic to the outsider, usually trigger boredom to the “jaded rich.” Material rewards do not reliably deliver good feelings. You have to discover something more permanent, if your objective in life is to feel good.

The EFT Way To Be Happy
How Do Emotions Affect Happiness?

Your mind contains the memories of a lifetime and instincts from millions of years in the past. Each living moment, a single emotion dominates your mind. You have no control over the sudden entry of an emotion. You realize only later that you are angry, or afraid. With resentment, or guilt, your intuition grants you a blinkered access to just those memories of your experiences, which justify that emotion. You are enveloped in an angry or depressed level of consciousness. Sadly, when negative emotions dominate your mind, intuition will also inhibit the triggering of good feelings. So, if you want to feel good, you have to avoid negative emotions.

The EFT Way To Be Happy
Can EFT Still Your Mind?

Negative emotions fill you with resentment, dread or anxiety. EFT is a technique, which stills negative emotions. It is a modern adaptation of routines developed over the ages. When you follow the EFT practice, you systematically still negative emotions. Each person is vulnerable to only a few habitual patterns of negative thoughts. When emotional turmoil disappears, you feel calm and composed. RI, a powerful rational intelligence will take control and you will view the world from a common sense viewpoint.

You will see the problems and challenges in your life as being neither threatening, nor fearsome. They become simple possibilities of incidents, viewed like items listed in a computer statement. They are just likely events. Not “Oh, God, what will I do?” but “Houston, we have a problem.” Time and new experiences will bring you an answer. And, time will not weigh heavily on you. This is a unique state of mind. Ancients have defined this perception as “freedom from suffering.”

The EFT Way To Be Happy
What Happens When Negative Emotions Are Stilled?

Eckhart Tolle is the author of The Power of Now, a listed best seller in The New York Times. He narrates his sudden release from his own "negative self,” which had enveloped him in continual anxiety interspersed with periods of suicidal depression. In the instant of release, his depression vanished. For the next five months, he lived in a state of uninterrupted bliss. While it diminished somewhat in intensity, for another two years, he sat on park benches in a state of the most intense joy. He felt that what he experienced was somewhat similar to the experiences of Buddha. He quoted Buddha's definition of enlightenment as "the end of suffering."

The EFT Way To Be Happy
Do Good Feelings Really Persist Indefinitely?

One can imagine the relieved good feelings of a person, who had felt suicidally depressed for 29 years. The euphoria, which enveloped Tolle, lasted for five months. Periods of intense joy lasted for another two years. Then he got to work, creating a vast following and writing best selling books. The fading of nerve impulses had their inevitable logic, even for Tolle. Life is like that. Even the joy in achievement of the three acknowledged levels of satisfaction will wear out. A new Ferrari in your garage will stop thrilling you one day. News reports of the troubled lives of the rich and the famous clearly indicate that success does not assure enduring joy. Mindfulness living is all about feeling good on a continuing basis and is one of the best ways to be happy.

The EFT Way To Be Happy
What Is Mindfulness Living?

The EFT way stills negative emotions. After enjoying the benefits of stilling negative emotions, the Buddhists developed a method of feeling good on a persistent basis. Let us assume that EFT takes you to a stage of stillness, where you do not regret the past, or fear the future. At this stage, the practice of mindfulness living enables you to fully observe the beauty of life around you and to focus intensely on the things you do every day. Your mind is designed to trigger good feelings, when you recognize pleasant patterns, when you do your job well and when you contribute to humanity. The patterns, which trigger joy, differ for each person. It may be the laughter of a child for one, reading a page of history for another, or assuaging the pain of a fellow human being for still another. Freed from emotional turmoil, mindfulness living persistently focuses you on your unique life and grants you enduring good feelings.

The EFT Way To Be Happy –
Can You Do Your Best?

Do not accept the popular visions of desirable satisfactions. EFT can save you from being stressed to achieve unattainable goals. Not every person can own a Ferrari, win at the Olympics, or become Mother Theresa. Each one of us has been gifted with a few special talents. Our achievements are also restricted by the scope of these talents and the limitations of our wealth. We also respond to different tunes. We have varied neural systems, which respond with good feelings on recognizing uniquely differing patterns. One person enjoys sports and another, music. Our opportunities differ and dissimilar goals satisfy us. By stilling your emotional responses to misfortune, or failure through EFT, use mindfulness living to be happy. Steadily do your best in your special field of interest. In the end, “I did my best and lived a happy life,” can be your best epitaph.

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