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The Despair Of A Working Mother

by Susan


I am Susan.... turning 40 this year. I am a working mom. My work environment is boring. Sometimes I don't have any paperwork, so I just sit. Of late, I prefer sleeping, baking or watching TV. I used to be slim, but now I am pear shaped due to child birth and thats how my husband lost interest in me.... While we are both Christians, several times he has flirted.... I feel like a robot wife, robot mother.... I just live for the family not myself..... Life is a vicious cycle....

Hi Susan,

The emotion of despair envelops your current views of life. The “Make Life Meaningful” page in this website presents the despairing views of Angie, a young school girl. The page presents a way out of despair.

Despair is a self destructive emotion, triggered by a lack of a purpose in life. The human mind needs such a purpose. Frankl, a renowned psychiatrist, discovered that a simple purpose in life can help one to withstand despair. He had lived through the horrors of a Nazi concentration camp. He found that prisoners, who lacked a purpose just gave up and died. Those who had a purpose survived the torture and beatings in the camp. Their purposes were simple – such as seeing their loved ones after the war.

Professor Wolfram Schultz discovered that working towards a purpose releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter, in the forebrain, giving a a person focus and energy. It is not the achievement of a purpose, but the work towards it, which releases dopamine. All you need is a simple purpose in life.

Effective mind control is about being happy regardless of any misfortune in life. That can be a worthwhile purpose for you! The mind control tips in this website suggest ways in which you can be rid of your despair and look with wonder and awe at the life around you.

We live with a million blessings. Look at things, which had to work for you to so vividly describe your reasons for despair. The amazing technology of the internet. The incredible mechanisms, which enabled you to transfer your thoughts to the keyboard. The deep intelligence, which uncovered the miserable things in your life, can also reveal to you your countless blessings. Working at discovering them can be a grand purpose, when you have learned to be rid of your despair.

Learn how to relax your body. How to still your negative thoughts. Discover how the stilling of despair fills your life with exciting new interests. When you adopt such a purpose, your life will become meaningful.


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