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A Delightful World Ends The Search For An Astonishing God

Being the only website in the world to consider the mind as a pure pattern recognition entity, it is unique in suggesting that human beliefs follow a specific pattern recognition logic. The logic identifies patterns by instantly eliminating impossibilities.  For science, axioms have become the “laws of nature" because they have not been proved impossible.  Axioms applied to the patterns of unchanging interactions between objects and events in the known cosmos.  "The sun rises in the East" is an axiom.  The physical behaviors predicted by axioms were stable across billions of years of time.  A belief in the Big Bang theory depends on axioms.  A belief in God is not based on axioms. But, it reflects the ability of humans to recognize subtle patterns.

How Does The Mind Know More Than Science?
Human pattern recognition is more powerful than science in identifying the complexities of human existence.  Language developed from this capability.   People understand the differences between the word "charm" and the word "dignity."  Science cannot define the difference.  Does an absence of definable reasoning links mean that "charm and dignity" do not exist?  Are they not true expressions?  The mind comprehends more things than science.  Truth can exist without analytic explanations.  

Does Language Hold More Ideas Than Science?
People have expressed some ideas, consistently across  history.  The sounds used to make the words of common objects and ideas are strikingly similar across the globe. Researchers found that, in thousands of languages, basic concepts, such as body parts, family relationships or aspects of the natural world, there are common sounds. There are universally recognized concepts in words and language. If consistency over time is proof, then the human language provides proof that words can represent real world truths.

Is A Divine Intention Absurd?
All human experience shows the clear existence of cause and effect relationships.  Intended actions bring desired results.  Today human intentions have enabled mankind to reach the planets.  The laws of nature tend inexorably towards the collapse of order in the universe.  Yet life has advanced over millions of years by bringing order and harmony.  Is there no intention behind the beauty of a rose or the smile of a child?  Why is a divine intention even thought to be an absurd solution to the miracle of life?

Is Conscious Awareness Real?
Many human insights cannot be explained by science.  The human mind contains a hierarchy of pattern recognition systems. Lower levels recognize objects and events.  The scientist 
Hadjikhani suggests that thoughts "emerge" from a region called the claustrum. While the impulses of one hundred billion neurons power the nervous system, current research points to a single organ, the claustrum, which acts as a “conductor,” which coordinates the highest cortical levels of the system. Thoughts are combinatorial firing patterns on the claustrum "screen."  They are as real as the images on your computer screen. We are consciously aware of many things. 

Is Simplicity Better Than Complexity?
The probability that life is accidental is impossibly low.  The flagellum is present in virtually all living cells. It enables cells to move about. It is an irreducibly complex microscopic water cooled engine driven by proton motive force.  Its  propeller, u-joint and rotor rotate at upto 1,00,000 rpm.  With a clutch and a brake, it can reverse directions in a 1/4 turn.  Its instructions and short term memory are hard wired.  It assembles and repairs itself.  Science explains that this information-rich, integrated system is produced by an accidental combination of molecules. Like suggesting that a gas turbine came together untouched by intention and purpose - by accident.  An acknowledgment, that God assembled it, avoids the implausible acrobatics demanded by science  to justify millions of such miracles of creation.

Are Miracles Real?
The essence of the God experience is the conviction that a benevolent deity cares. Many believers gain insights, garnered from beyond their own stores of experience. Then, there are miracles. The writer has direct experience, of a lady doctor paralyzed in a wheelchair for years. At a healing session, she felt a change come over her. The healer publicly announced that power had gone out from him. Later in the night, the doctor got up from her bed and walked alone to the toilet. She has walked ever since. There are innumerable such stories. Science summarily dismisses such reports.  Science trusts only physical laws. Should the experiences of thousands of generations of humanity be ignored as mere fiction? Is it impossible that a higher intelligence could decide to act, however erratically, to bring about such events?

What Are Somatic Markers?
Antonio Damasio suggests that the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPFC) despatch "somatic markers," which “bias the thoughts and decisions of individuals.”  Somatic markers add a sophisticated range of feelings, which decide priorities for decision making in the nervous system.   Socially relevant experiences record those markers.  Negative life events fill your mind with negative thoughts convincing your VMPFC that there is no God. This leads often to depression and even suicide.  A belief in God is the choice of your VMPFC.  If a happy life is your choice, fill your mind with positive thoughts.  Then your VMPFC can deliver that belief.

Can You Feel Better With An Awesome God?
Believe in God.  It is a grand perception. Appreciate the grandeur of His creation.  His laws span a billion galaxies and are relevant at the minuscule quantum level.  He has given you life on a tiny planet with the ability to achieve your intentions.  He has brought you great abundance.  Believe that He will win in the end.  He will finally create life and abundance for all of eternity across  the cosmos.  He can guide you into still waters.   Trust your own ability to recognize patterns.  Acknowledge a truth uncovered by millions across the span of human history.  Choose to believe in God.