A Revolutionary Idea

In 1989, a revolutionary idea emerged that an algorithm could mimic the workings of the human mind. A new algorithm was developed, one that eliminated unlikely options instead of selecting them. It proved to be incredibly effective in an expert system for diagnosing 225 eye diseases.

It was quickly realized that this algorithm was a window into the workings of the brain, specifically the recognition process. It is through the combinatorial coding of axon hillocks that the mind is able to instantly recognize patterns and make decisions. This is the essence of intuition, the ability to recall a single image or recognize a specific pattern in milliseconds.

It is now widely accepted that the brain uses combinatorial coding to process and store vast amounts of information. This is evident in the visual, auditory, and olfactory systems. However, this algorithm is not limited to just these systems, it is present throughout the brain. The combinatorial memories of axon hillocks explain the mind and how it recognizes patterns. The recognition process can be broken down into 5 steps:

  1. Nerve impulses flow through axons and all memories are stored within the 100 billion neurons in the brain. Combinatorial coding manages this process.
  2. Combinatorial decisions are made by axon hillocks, which respond within 5 milliseconds. They record, store, and retrieve combinatorial dendritic inputs.
  3. Specific axon hillocks store all the Symptom>Disease (S>D) links known to the doctor, with the ability to mathematically store more combinations than there are stars in the sky.
  4. Within 5 steps, information in one hillock can reach all other relevant hillocks. This allows for global awareness within 20 milliseconds.
  5. The axon hillock of the desired disease recognizes the S>D combination and fires, while all other non-matching S=D hillocks inhibit their impulses. This allows for the elimination of improbable options and arriving at a possible experienced solution.

This recognition process is the key to the workings of the mind, and it is the foundation of self-awareness. This website has been dedicated to promoting the understanding of the mind and how self-awareness can bring stillness and peace of mind. Over 3 decades, it has assembled irrefutable evidence of this belief, and it has received over 2 million page views from over 150 countries. This is a testament to the power of understanding the mind and the role that intuition and combinatorial coding play in our lives.