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Rage Triggered by Noise

by Sarinne

First of all, I am so happy to see a site that offers optimism and hope while still being anchored in what we know of reality. Your website is rich with new and helpful insights. Thank you!

I'm wondering if you have any techniques to recommend for conquering or coping with misophonia, the feeling of instantaneous and intense rage some people experience when they hear certain trigger sounds (often chewing, sinus sniffling, a whistling "S" sound, or other bodily sounds). It seems to bypass any rational analysis; people feel the rage even though intellectually they understand perfectly well that it is unjustified; the rage they feel is mystifying even to them. It affects some people so severely that they are not able to eat at the same table with other people, for example.

I'd also be curious what might be the underlying reason for such an extreme reaction to selected sounds, perhaps a holdover from something in our evolutionary past that made sense at the time (from a survival point of view)?

Here's a guy describing what it's like:

Thanks for any insights or suggestions you can offer.

The amygdala has "speed dial circuits" which trigger anger faster than your conscious awareness. This website suggests practiced self awareness of the anger symptoms as a possible way of dealing with this problem. Check out for an unconventional solution.

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