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Practice Love And Compassion

Practice Love And Compassion 
Does A Strategy Help You In Life?

Flow with the tide of nature when you choose a strategy for life. Know that love and compassion expand your vision and widen your chances of success. Unless you deliberately choose your strategy, nature will decide it for you, without your awareness. Without conscious direction, powerful intelligences within your mind formulate those responses and control your actions.

Many such entities operate in the background even now, as you read these words. One among them recognizes the black and white pixels on this page, identifies them as words, fetches their meanings, evaluates the grammar and conveys their final purport to you.

Such massive data processing occurs within the few milliseconds in which your eyes pass over these lines. So too, the strategies for dealing with your interactions in life are decided by the same deep wisdom within your nerve cells. Over millions of years, nature designed emotions to formulate and manage your strategies in life.

  • A historic evolutionary process enables emotions to manipulate your memories, physical responses and to set your strategies for motor activity.
  • Emotions control your access to memories and set limits to your wisdom.
  • The emotions of love and compassion set an incredibly benign strategy - a defined course of action recorded in literature and history.
  • Fear and paranoia are today's recommended strategies for survival in the commercial world. Love and compassion appear to be foolish.
  • You can learn to simulate positive emotions.
  • Positive emotions grant you a broader vision.
  • Flow with the best in nature by adapting positive emotions

Could An Amazing Algorithm Have Stunning Control Over Your Mind?
This is what happens when an engineer researches the mind. Way back in 1989, the writer, an engineer, catalogued how the ELIMINATION approach of an AI Expert System could reveal a way by which the nervous system could store and retrieve astronomically large memories.  That historic insight is central to the six irresistible premises presented in this website. 

Behind the scenes, these premises conceal an eye-opening revelation.  About the incredible speed of intuition.  A physician is aware of thousands of diseases and their related symptoms.  How does he note a symptom and focus on a single disease in less than half a second?  How could he identify Disease X out of 8000 diseases with just a glance?  

First, the total born and learned knowledge available to the doctor could not exist anywhere other than as the stored/retrieved data within the 100 billion neurons in his brain.  The perceptions, sensations, feelings and physical activities of the doctor could only be enabled by the electrical impulses flowing through the axons of those neurons.  The data enabling that process could be stored as digital combinations.

Second, combinatorial decisions of neurons cannot be made by any entity other than the axon hillock, which decides the axonal output of each neuron.  The hillock receives hundreds of inputs from other neurons.  Each hillock makes the pivotal neuronal decision about received inputs within 5 milliseconds.  A
xon hillocks could be storing digital combinations.  It could be adding each new incoming digital combination to its memory store.  The hillock could fire impulses, if it matched a stored combination. If not, it could inhibit further impulses.  Using stored digital data to make decisions about incoming messages could make the axon hillocks intelligent.

Third, combinations are reported to enable a powerful coding mode for axon hillocks.  Olfactory combinatorial data is known (Nobel Prize 2004) to store memories for millions of smells.  Each one of 100 billion axon hillocks have around a 1000 links  to other neurons.  The hillocks can mathematically store more combinations than there are stars in the sky. Each new digital combination could be adding a new relationship link.  In this infinite store, specific axon hillocks could be storing all the symptom = disease (S=D) links known to the doctor as digital combinations.

Fourth, instant communication is possible in the nervous system.  Within five steps, information in one hillock can reach all other relevant neurons.  Just 20 Ms for global awareness.  Within the instant the doctor observes a symptom, 
feedback and feed forward links could inform every S=D link of the presence of the symptom. Only the S=D link of Disease X could be recalling the combination and recognizing the symptom.

Fifth, on not recognizing the symptom, all other S=D hillocks could be instantly inhibiting their impulses. The S=D links of Disease X could be continuing to fire. Those firing S=D link would be recalling past complaints, treatments and signs of Disease X, confirming the diagnosis.  This could be enabling axon hillocks to identify Disease X out of 8000 in milliseconds.  Eliminating improbable (unrecognized) prospects to arrive at a possible (recognized in the past) solution powers the powerful inductive logic of the mind!

Worldwide interest in this website acknowledges its rationale. Not metaphysical theories, but processing of digital memories in axon hillocks could be explaining innumerable mysteries of the mind.  Over three decades, this website has been assembling more and more evidence of the manipulation of emotional and physical behaviors by narrowly focused digital pattern recognition.  It has also received over 2 million page views from over 150 countries.

Practice Love And Compassion
How Can A Strategy Be Implemented?

Your triune brain holds beneath its neocortical human brain, a string of more primitive brains, which assisted animals to survive. The earliest nosebrains used smells as a basis for approaching, attacking, or retreating from a situation. Later, the mammalian brains developed emotions for more sophisticated controls. The emotions of anger, fear, jealousy, love and laughter manipulate the nervous system to employ highly focused strategies.

Anger follows an aggressive strategy. Fear manages a defensive approach. Jealousy seeks to destroy competition and love seeks to cherish and protect. Laughter releases the tensions of conflict. These emotions activate physical systems for fight, flight, or relaxation. They also provide crucial real time information to your brain.

Practice Love And Compassion
Is Your Wisdom Limited By Your Emotions?

In the intuitive process, each emotion records and recalls contextual data. The context of anger records the hostile responses you face. Later, an angry person can only recall past irritating incidents, which intensify his anger. The system inhibits memories of favorable actions carried out by the antagonist. When influenced by anger, the person fails to remember past acts of friendship.

On the other hand, fear focuses on the results of failure, without access to memories of previous successes. Negative emotions suppress useful data. Anger removes memories of the benefits of working together and fear, the valuable recollections of past successes. When you are controlled by hatred or dread, your brain works without access to critical knowledge. While negative emotions limit your wisdom, positive emotions expand the data available to your mind. Love and compassion truly expand your wisdom.

Practice Love And Compassion
Can There Be An Automatic, Benign Strategy?

While fear may compel you to be frozen into inactivity, love opens vast databases of strategic options for your mind. Centuries ago, the bible recorded the impact of the emotion of love on behavior. Love is patient and kind. Love suppresses the emotions of anger, irritability, jealousy and rudeness.

The deepest needs of the person are subdued to give way to an intense awareness of the needs of the loved one. Past wrongs are forgotten and forgiven. Love persists in spite of problems, keeping faith in the loved one. Love does not gloat over injustice and is happy with the victory of truth. This is a behavioral pattern enshrined within your mind, if you choose to be loving.

Practice Love And Compassion
Is Love & Compassion A Foolish Option?

In the modern world, love and compassion appear to be foolish options. The conventional advice is to be guided by paranoia for survival in the harsh commercial world. Deceit and treachery appear to be the norm. You will encounter associates, who may lack even the basic norms of decency.

They act with utter selfishness, with little concern for years of friendship. Someone you trusted plots against you behind your back. Yet you have consistently supported him. Anger and vengeance appear to be normal reactions after such events. In this milieu, love and compassion appear to be foolish, but can truly change your world.

Practice Love And Compassion 
Can You Simulate Positive Emotions?

Emotions can be simulated. It is possible to simulate lifelike fear, dread, or love. Great actors achieve this every day. For ordinary people, emotions are the automatic responses to situations. But, even they can consciously cultivate emotions. Those emotions will, in turn, control their minds.

Even anger can be simulated. Say “Stop it!” with an angry glare. When your eyeballs thrust forward a couple of millimeters, your words will suddenly have an aggressive tenor. Try it. When you glare, your system adopts a belligerent mode of speech. The Buddhists have been known to practice the development of compassion as an approach to life. They try to imagine the pain of a bird, or the anguish of an enemy. Though it appears quite unconventional, it is possible to simulate a loving viewpoint towards even your worst enemy.

Practice Love And Compassion 
What Is The Effect Of Positive Emotions?

A loving viewpoint effects a remarkable transformation. When you look at your opponent from a kind perspective, his most vicious actions will suddenly appear to be pitiable weaknesses. Short sighted selfishness is often an inherent defect. They are usually permanent liabilities for the affected people, transporting them over the years inevitably into lonely and friendless situations.

A compassionate view will suddenly reveal the decent and and agreeable parts of such a person and see negative behaviors as weaknesses. You will remember the benefits you received from that relationship. While you will ordinarily have cut off ties in anger, a kinder view will enable you to cautiously continue interactions. In the end, you will have benefited. Love and compassion broadens your circle of friends, while keeping you fully alert to serious pitfalls.

Practice Love And Compassion
Will A Broader Vision Help You?

The cultivation of a loving viewpoint maximizes your strategic potential. It is the massive wisdom of the evolutionary process, which created the emotions of love and compassion. You will see unexpected sides of your opponents. When immersed in that emotion, nature presents helpful data and empowers you to make decisions, which will, in the end, benefit all life.

Love has a bearing on the larger realms of your world. A kinder view perceives that the efforts of your competitors also help you. Jointly, you may find solutions to larger problems. When you care for your customer and the environment, you will make adjustments, which will ultimately enhance the reputation of your business. You will have set a dynamic strategy for life by simply deciding to view the world with love and compassion.

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