Way back in 1989, one day, I knew this was Intuition.
Abraham Thomas

KNOW YOURSELF PODCAST Listen each week, to one podcast. Based on practical self improvement principles. From the insight of an engineer, back in 1989, about the data processing structure of the human mind, recognizing, filtering, storing patterns, without stopping.  Patterns of guilt, shame, fear.  How to silence painful subconscious patterns and become self aware.

Mind Control Tips
To Overcome Despair & Find Joy

The immense inherited and acquired knowledge of your mind controls your thoughts and actions from two control centers. Your limbic system provides emotional animal controls. Your prefrontal regions provide emotion free common sense controls. These mind control tips provide  mental and physical exercises to quiet the emotional regions, leaving your prefrontal common sense regions in charge. With effective mind control, your life will be managed by your common sense.

When negative events cause anger or fear to control your thoughts, despair can overwhelm you. Tensed muscles and neurohormonal changes connect your mind to negative data, while inhibiting links to positive thoughts.

Despair points to the massive pain in the world. Terrorism, racial disharmony, economic disasters, pollution, over population, corruption, criminal politics. As an awful future appears inevitable, a feeling of fatigue stops any effort to regain normalcy.

This is exactly the situation, which demands a switch of the focus of your mind to joy. You can do it with surprising speed. Both despair and joy are reasonable viewpoints. They are merely conclusions, supported by conflicting choices of facts.  These choices are made by your prefrontal regions, or by your limbic system.

Your common sense will choose a new set of facts. Music, the arts, good food, creative work. The incredible beauty of the world. The gift of life. Stories of humanity's love, generosity and kindness. Commons sense will open convincing reasons to justify itself. You will not need to search for the evidence. Why harm your health and happiness? These tips will switch the focus of your mind to commons sense and joyful views.

Reach a peaceful and creative state of mind, by following some physical exercises and tracking your patterns of thought. Follow this practical route to a better life! Do you realize the extent to which your emotions control your life? An aggressive driver, or a summons to the executive floor can suddenly change your world view. Your limbic system takes over.  Your moods surge into anger, or dive into despair, within moments. You are being helplessly overcome by negative emotional signals.

  • Use the logic of the pattern sensing mechanism of your mind to take charge of your life!
  • The intelligence in your prefrontal regions (PFR) has a rational perspective of the world.
  • Use the Self Improvement Plan to have a plan for your life.
  • Know that it is possible to achieve the PFR perspective.
  • Learn how to relax your muscles quickly.
  • Learn to swiftly still your visceral responses.
  • Use the power of breathing to quiet your emotions.
  • Use self awareness to instantly still the onset of emotional turmoil.
  • Trust the creativity of your mind.
  • Joy is a natural process. You don't need to work at it. It enters a still mind.

Can An Algorithm Be Controlling The Mind?
I am not a physician, but an engineer. Way back in 1989, I catalogued how the ELIMINATION approach of an AI Expert System could reveal a way by which the nervous system could store and retrieve astronomically large memories.  That insight is central to the six unique new premises presented in this website. 

These new premises could explain an enigma.  A physician is aware of thousands of diseases and their related symptoms.  How does he note a symptom and focus on a single disease in less than half a second?  How could he identify Disease X out of 8000 diseases with just a glance?  

First, the total born and learned knowledge available to the doctor could not exist anywhere other than as the stored/retrieved data within the 100 billion neurons in his brain.  The perceptions, sensations, feelings and physical activities of the doctor could only be enabled by the electrical impulses flowing through the axons of those neurons.  The data enabling that process could be stored as digital combinations.

Second, combinatorial decisions of neurons cannot be made by any entity other than the axon hillock, which decides the axonal output of each neuron.  The hillock receives hundreds of inputs from other neurons.  Each hillock makes the pivotal neuronal decision about received inputs within 5 milliseconds.  A
xon hillocks could be storing digital combinations.  It could be adding each new incoming digital combination to its memory store.  The hillock could fire impulses, if it matched a stored combination. If not, it could inhibit further impulses.  Using stored digital data to make decisions about incoming messages could make the axon hillocks intelligent.

Third, combinations are reported to enable a powerful coding mode for axon hillocks.  Olfactory combinatorial data is known (Nobel Prize 2004) to store memories for millions of smells.  Each one of 100 billion axon hillocks have around a 1000 links  to other neurons.  The hillocks can mathematically store more combinations than there are stars in the sky. Each new digital combination could be adding a new relationship link.  In this infinite store, specific axon hillocks could be storing all the symptom = disease (S=D) links known to the doctor as digital combinations.

Fourth, instant communication is possible in the nervous system.  Within five steps, information in one hillock can reach all other relevant neurons.  Just 20 Ms for global awareness.  Within the instant the doctor observes a symptom, 
feedback and feed forward links could inform every S=D link of the presence of the symptom. Only the S=D link of Disease X could be recalling the combination and recognizing the symptom.

Fifth, on not recognizing the symptom, all other S=D hillocks could be instantly inhibiting their impulses. The S=D links of Disease X could be continuing to fire. Those firing S=D link would be recalling past complaints, treatments and signs of Disease X, confirming the diagnosis.  This could be enabling axon hillocks to identify Disease X out of 8000 in milliseconds.

Worldwide interest in this website is acknowledging its rationale. Not metaphysical theories, but processing of digital memories in axon hillocks could be explaining innumerable mysteries of the mind.  Over three decades, this website has been assembling more and more evidence of the manipulation of emotional and physical behaviors by narrowly focused digital pattern recognition.  It has also been receiving over 2 million page views from over 150 countries.

Mind Control Tips
Is Peace Of Mind Reversible?

Get back in charge! When your common sense takes control, you experience life through a pure and rational intelligence, which calmly observes misfortune, or defeat. You don't need to keep repeating "no need to worry." A cool view will appear to be completely normal. Your mind will learn to see the usual vexations in life as just events. Once your mind experiences this attitude to life, it will rarely go back to its original troubled views. The rest is easy.

Mind Control Tips 
What Are Search Drives?

Peace does not drop in suddenly into a troubled mind. Much of your problems lie in your subconscious. Hidden search drives within you seek solutions to a missed deadline, or an unexpected pink slip, visualized by the different emotional subsystems within you. Such searches go on, while you look at a lunch menu, or chat with your friend. But, when those subconscious searches encounter the painful results of failure, visceral reactions hit you. You may not even be aware of the causes of your discomfort.

Mind Control Tips
What Happens When You Have A Plan?

At the outset, these troubling searches have to be stilled. Have a plan, which clearly faces (not solves) the major problems in your life. This website offers you a self improvment plan, which unite the different levels of your consciousness to agree to an acceptable life plan. Your urgent search drives will then become still.

Mind Control Tips -
Is Instant Relaxation Feasible?
Anger, or fear signals are triggered before you know it. Act to reduce the possibility of their being triggered. During the course of a day, stressful events as well as poor postures will tighten many of the 60,000 muscles in your body. Tensed muscles often remain tightened and do not automatically relax. Tensed muscles trigger irritability, which tenses more muscles in a vicious cycle. You can learn exercises, which can instantly relax your muscles. A relaxed body reduces the prospect of anger, or despair, bringing you closer to the control of your mind by common sense.  That is effective mind control.

Mind Control Tips 
Can You Still Your Visceral Responses?

You have an acceptable life plan and a relaxed body. Even then, traffic snarls, rude colleagues and delayed trips can trigger transient visceral responses. Stress triggers the production of the adrenal hormone cortisol, which supports bodily functions designed to cope with the fight or flight response, including increased heart rate.  Simple exercises can disperse the adrenaline and dissipate petty concerns. An awareness of such concerns and swift responses to the consequent subtle symptoms will bring you closer to effective mind control.

Mind Control Tips
How Do Breathing Exercises Help?

The nosebrain was the original investigator of the environment for primitive animals. Breathing in consciously was a part of that routine. Investigation also required the avoidance of premature emotional judgments. In its vast coded wisdom, nature stills emotions, when you investigate. As a byproduct of that logic, your emotions will also be stilled, when you consciously breathe. This website presents a few breathing exercises, which are effective in stilling emotions.

Mind Control Tips 
How Does Mindfulness Help?
Your mind can switch viewpoints from raw fear to quiet comfort within milliseconds. As an example, the switch could happen, when your realize that a snake in the garden is only a garden hose. Your brain has a multistage recognition process. In just 20 ms, your limbic system  evaluates the hose outlines, links it to a snake and triggers raw fear. It takes 350 ms for your prefrontal regions to identify the hose and still the fear. Those regions focus the mind to recognize the folly of most of your emotions and to still them. The Buddhist practice of mindfulness meditation helps you to focus those regions for effective mind control.

Mind Control Tips 
Are The Physical Symptoms Of Emotions Vital?
In the garden hose case, your lmbic system perceives, does a rough approximation, triggers the emotional response of a knot in your stomach, or a tension in your neck. The prefrontal regions do a secondary recognition and common sense takes over.  Your mind finally becomes quiet. The Buddhist meditation is a self awareness process, which focuses the prefrontal regions on the knot or the tension you feel. Self awareness enables those regions to come to perceive most emotion signals as false alarms and to still them. That leads to the sudden appearance of a surprising and unemotional viewpoint. That is the first real signal of your success in effective mind control. If your viewpoint changes, you have reached. Common sense, at the highest level of consciousness is taking control.

Mind Control Tips
What Follows Your Success?

Climbing to the top has no meaning, if you don't know when you have actually reached there. You have to savor the feeling. At the top, there is no restlessness about life, resentments, guilt, regrets, or fears. You may almost feel that something is missing in your life! Like observing life from empty outer space. PFR, your common sense, will have taken charge. Recognize the feeling to give it concrete existence.

Mind Control Tips
Is Creativity Your Birthright?

Just as an animal discovers an escape route within milliseconds, your mind has subconscious drives, which intuitively search and locate solutions. If you are stumped, it is because your mind has no answer within its massive database. Your idea will strike the moment it gathers fresh information, or sees a view from a different context. Forcing your mind to search yields only negative emotions. Relax, study the problem, evaluate alternatives and, suddenly, your mind will find the answer. When common sense takes control, you will learn to patiently trust your mind for answers.

Mind Control Tips 
Can You Add More Value?

You have reached. At the highest rational level, you occupy a simple observation mode and effortlessly still the attacks of fear, resentment or anger. Now, encourage the emotions of wonder, love and compassion to enter your mind. These are normal pattern recognition signals, earlier suppressed by negative emotions.

Mind Control Tips 
Is Life Worth Living?

You can hardly enjoy a sunset, when you feel awful. Unless inhibited, neural circuits will automatically trigger pleasure when you see a flower, or listen to a song. Each person finds his/her own joy. Unhindered, those emotions will flow in effortlessly. Joy is the ultimate gift of life. It is the best answer to the cynical question - "Is life worth living?"

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KNOW YOURSELF PODCAST Listen each week, to one podcast. Based on practical self improvement principles. From the insight of an engineer, back in 1989, about the data processing structure of the human mind, recognizing, filtering, storing patterns, without stopping.  Patterns of guilt, shame, fear.  How to silence painful subconscious patterns and become self aware.

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