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Losing Motivation and Hope in Life

I am an independent female, 36 years old and single. I always feel depressed and lonely in my life, although I have some friends around. However, since I did not have the chance yet to get married, I feel like a stranger in my society, which is an oriental eastern one.

I have no worries in life, and my work is going well. However, I feel that I have nothing to live for, and there is no meaning for my life. The worst thing is that nothing excites me anymore, and nothing is interesting anymore in my life. I feel alienated from others because I think that Iam too mature and my perspective for life is completely different.

All what I need is to make my life meangingful, interesting and exciting. Also, to find something that I could aim for.

Please help! I am really frustrated and depressed that I don't find pleasure in anything!


Pleasure in life wells up naturally, when negative emotions, like despair and dissatisfaction have been stilled. For you, those emotions have become habitual, justifying themselves with powerful intellectual arguments. EFT is a quick and effective way of getting rid of a negative emotion. The second method is to still the emotional attack through self awareness.

The emotion will attack you with several lines of justifying thought patterns. Awareness of the triggering point of each despairing thought will still it in its tracks. An awareness of the physical symptom preceding the line of thought is even more powerful. There won't be many such streams of thought. It will take some practice to still the dozen, or so habitual thought patterns, which trouble you.

In the meantime, you will find pleasure in learning to control your mind this way. When negative emotions have become stilled, you will discover joy in so many things around you. You don't need to work on finding pleasure in life. It will happen naturally, when negative emotions have been stilled.

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Thank you
by: Anonymous

Many thanks for your comments. I feel that you have captured and idenitifeid the roots of my problem, and seriously speaking, I have never been aware of such habitual thoughts that became a part of my life. Please can you advise what readings/techniques you recommend that I do.

You are on the right track. Self awareness can put you on the path to peace. EFT is quite effective in stilling emotions. Have a look at the technique.

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