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I am so confused about my future


i feel so lonely.. i changed country after marriage. but it feels parents of my husband don't like me. i often saw regret in their eyes for choosing me.. My husband loves me a lot. i can do nothing. i can't even go back to my home land, because its only possible after leaving my husband. Without him, it is not possible for me to live.. But i can't even see them full of anger and regret against me... they find me unsuitable to their son..

Hi there!

Your happiness comes from within you. Your only option now is to live in a new country with a loving husband and his disapproving parents.

The disapproval of people who are important in your life is painful. But, pain "hurts" only when you want to run away from it. There is no one in the world, who does not have to live with some pain. Accept the fact that you will have to bear that pain.

When you accept life as it comes, you become free to look around. Read how you can find new meaning for your life. A world of opportunity is open to you in a new country with a loving husband. Go and find it!

Editor. :-)

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