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How Can I Control My Emotions

From Bangalore: just one month back I got engaged to a girl. We both are working as well as financially independent. I am facing some issues.. she hurts me knowingly and unknowingly. i am unable to control the emotion and i will cry(i never cried in my life). she will do all these things when she is with her parents only. if she is with me, she is loves me. something will be changed, once she is with her parents. i am not a guy who cried before for any issue. But now i am crying every time, when we fight. I get tense and am unable to control the emotion. Please guide me, how i need to control my emotions?

You have already made the first step to be free from emotions. You have realized that when you cry, you are being controlled by an emotion. The second step is to become aware of the physical feeling, when tears start welling up. With a little practice, an awareness of the physical feeling will still the emotion. In time, you will feel free.

Along with emotional freedom will come the realization that the behaviour of others cannot affect you. You will understand and feel sympathy for the weaknesses, which make them act that way. Your love and common sense can modify their behaviour. It will take time. Stilling emotions through self awareness can take you there. Patiently learn the process!

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