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Uncover, Regulate Your
Hidden Emotions

You can uncover your hidden emotions and regulate them. Except during a few calm interludes, your emotions subconsciously control your attitude and behavior. Aroused emotions trigger restlessness, excitation, and agitation, preparing you for action. Anger freezes your smile and induces a knot in your stomach, before you even realize that you are angry.

The emotion controls both your muscles and your thoughts. Within milliseconds, it tenses you and justifies itself by instantly recalling connected memories. You will be flooded with memories of all the previous times your opponent annoyed you. Subtly, you will not recall all the nice things he did. You will have unknowingly surrendered to anger.

Prevent yourself from being manipulated by your baser instincts! Understand the mechanisms and pitfalls triggered by your habitual emotions. Recognize their onset and firmly still them. Restore a common sense attitude to your life! It does take a little effort to learn how this can be done. But, your increased peace of mind and sense of control will surely be worth that effort!

The immense inherited and acquired knowledge of your mind controls your thoughts and actions from two control centers. Your limbic system provides emotional animal controls. Your prefrontal regions provide emotion free common sense controls. Well known mental and physical exercises can quiet the emotional regions, leaving your prefrontal common sense regions in charge. With effective mind control, your life will be managed by your common sense.

  • Entirely without your awareness, hidden emotions manipulate you in myriad ways. The human vocabulary lists thousands of words, which describe the invisible emotional shift in your viewpoints.
  • Apart from changing your attitudes, emotions also modify your behavior, often making you want to virtually self destruct.
  • Beneath your awareness, a hierarchy of reptilian, mammalian and human cortical level intelligences operate in parallel, competitively seeking to set your current strategy in life.
  • An intuitive process hands conscious control to a single emotion, inhibiting other competing emotions and your awareness of their viewpoints.
  • Habitual “speed dial” circuits make you the victim of particular families of emotions. Meditation and self awareness can make you aware of your habitual problem zones.
  • The first step in effective mind control is to come to terms with the major issues, which cause you distress through a practical self improvement plan.
  • There is little public perception of how we are invisibly made to feel miserable through a range of hidden emotions. Self discovery is all about identifying and killing off negative emotions, including boredom and existential despair.
  • Where negative emotions have been stilled, positive emotions tend to trickle in. Many small things around you will bring you joy. Your simple daily routines will give you satisfaction.
  • Nature has also endowed you with a range of noble emotions, which invisibly uplift your viewpoints. Cultivate joy and compassion and be the best that you are born to be!

Could An Amazing Algorithm Have Stunning Control Over Your Mind?
This is what happens when an engineer researches the mind. Way back in 1989, the writer, an engineer, catalogued how the ELIMINATION approach of an AI Expert System could reveal a way by which the nervous system could store and retrieve astronomically large memories.  That historic insight is central to the six irresistible premises presented in this website. 

Behind the scenes, these premises conceal an eye-opening revelation.  About the incredible speed of intuition.  A physician is aware of thousands of diseases and their related symptoms.  How does he note a symptom and focus on a single disease in less than half a second?  How could he identify Disease X out of 8000 diseases with just a glance?  

First, the total born and learned knowledge available to the doctor could not exist anywhere other than as the stored/retrieved data within the 100 billion neurons in his brain.  The perceptions, sensations, feelings and physical activities of the doctor could only be enabled by the electrical impulses flowing through the axons of those neurons.  The data enabling that process could be stored as digital combinations.

Second, combinatorial decisions of neurons cannot be made by any entity other than the axon hillock, which decides the axonal output of each neuron.  The hillock receives hundreds of inputs from other neurons.  Each hillock makes the pivotal neuronal decision about received inputs within 5 milliseconds.  A
xon hillocks could be storing digital combinations.  It could be adding each new incoming digital combination to its memory store.  The hillock could fire impulses, if it matched a stored combination. If not, it could inhibit further impulses.  Using stored digital data to make decisions about incoming messages could make the axon hillocks intelligent.

Third, combinations are reported to enable a powerful coding mode for axon hillocks.  Olfactory combinatorial data is known (Nobel Prize 2004) to store memories for millions of smells.  Each one of 100 billion axon hillocks have around a 1000 links  to other neurons.  The hillocks can mathematically store more combinations than there are stars in the sky. Each new digital combination could be adding a new relationship link.  In this infinite store, specific axon hillocks could be storing all the symptom = disease (S=D) links known to the doctor as digital combinations.

Fourth, instant communication is possible in the nervous system.  Within five steps, information in one hillock can reach all other relevant neurons.  Just 20 Ms for global awareness.  Within the instant the doctor observes a symptom, 
feedback and feed forward links could inform every S=D link of the presence of the symptom. Only the S=D link of Disease X could be recalling the combination and recognizing the symptom.

Fifth, on not recognizing the symptom, all other S=D hillocks could be instantly inhibiting their impulses. The S=D links of Disease X could be continuing to fire. Those firing S=D link would be recalling past complaints, treatments and signs of Disease X, confirming the diagnosis.  This could be enabling axon hillocks to identify Disease X out of 8000 in milliseconds.  Eliminating improbable (unrecognized) prospects to arrive at a possible (recognized in the past) solution powers the powerful inductive logic of the mind!

Worldwide interest in this website acknowledges its rationale. Not metaphysical theories, but processing of digital memories in axon hillocks could be explaining innumerable mysteries of the mind.  Over three decades, this website has been assembling more and more evidence of the manipulation of emotional and physical behaviors by narrowly focused digital pattern recognition.  It has also received over 2 million page views from over 150 countries.

Hidden Emotions
In How Many Ways Can You Be Manipulated?

Your emotions continually shift your judgments away from a common sense view. Subconsciously they affect your attitude. When you feel anxious about a dentist's appointment, you receive no warning, “You are being manipulated by an emotion!” Anxiety appears to be normal for that moment, while the common sense “It's no big deal,” view vanishes. So many fear related words describe the myriad ways in which your attitude is manipulated - anxious, alarm, scare, worry, concern, misgiving, qualm, disquiet, uneasy, wary, nervous, edgy, jittery, apprehensive, trepidation, fright, dread, anguish, panic, terror, horror, consternation, distress, unnerved, distraught, threatened, defensive!

Other than fear, your attitudes also change with numerous other emotions, including sadness, disgust, contempt, curiosity, surprise, love, pleasure, embarrassment, guilt, and shame. Just embarrassment alone makes you want to “sink under the table!” In all these cases, remember, you are controlled by a hidden drive within you! These are not your true viewpoints. They are attitudes thrust on you by the more primitive brains inhabiting your nervous system.

Hidden Emotions
Can You Imagine Your Inner Conflicts?

Over millions of years, evolution assembled a triune brain within your nervous system. At the lowest level, a reptilian brain sets your basic approach or avoidance attitude, leading to trust or suspicion of the people you meet. At the next level, a mammalian brain controls the system through emotions. At the same time, a highly developed human level brain in the prefrontal cortex makes a rational interpretation of your world.

These systems work all the time beneath your consciousness and offer your mind competing judgments and priorities for action. A single priority takes control without your conscious approval. As opposing emotions switch controls between systems, you suffer a roller coaster ride between euphoria and despair and pray for a little peace of mind. It is in this milieu that you need to put your common sense prefrontal brain in charge.

Hidden Emotions
How Do Negative Emotions Affect You?

Emotions manipulate your memories. An intuitive process within your nervous system operates by eliminating alternative possibilities. An animal cannot afford to remain frozen between decisions, either to drink water, or to eat grass. If a decision to drink is taken, its hunger demands are instantly inhibited. So also, fear inhibits its option to stay back and fight. The animal's intuition recalls memories of escape routes, while suppressing memories of previous successes. Its mind provides memories in context to enable it to cope with its immediate tasks.

But, in today's world, such emotional control creates problems for humans. As an example, the system diverts your focus on your project with the boredom emotion. The emotion makes you feel restless and impatient. Hidden emotions forcibly redirect your mind without your awareness. You can calmly manage life with real success, only when your common sense takes charge.

Hidden Emotions 
What Makes Each Individual Different?

To put your common sense in charge, discover your trigger points. For each person, a few streams of emotional thoughts become habitual. While innumerable emotions have been recorded in history, each person is punished by only a few of them. Individual childhood experiences and painful incidents create specific "speed dial circuits” within the nervous system. Those circuits repeatedly cycle the average person through repetitive and painful patterns of thought. Since they operate beneath your conscious awareness, you have to make an effort to discover them. This requires you to spend some quiet time, listening to your thoughts. The ancients called this “meditation.” You will not have to search long for those troubling thoughts, triggered by your hidden emotions.

Hidden Emotions
Can You Still Those Inner Conflicts?

There is a systematic method, which can uncover these thoughts and take you to a common sense view of your world. Follow the self improvement plan offered in this website, which can substantially reduce your major concerns. These may include career, family and health issues. Many choices may require decisions between related and conflicting issues.

You may not be able to find easy solutions to these problems. The prospect of constantly facing such issues may fill your with dread, or resentment. This self improvement plan can discover and still many of the conflicting emotions, which may be the cause of much of your distress. A few hours spent evaluating this plan can put you in a more calm frame of mind and enable you to effectively still the harassment caused by your hidden emotions.

Hidden Emotions
Does The Fate Of Humanity Concern You?

Many of the hidden emotions appear so natural that even major thinkers and philosophers have agonized over the resulting issues. Buddha agonized over the sufferings of humanity. Many Western thinkers complained of the meaninglessness of life. Others have written of being overwhelmed by boredom. Still others are filled with despair over the fate of humanity. A large part of the left establishment feels angry about the injustices in life.

Others fume over the illegitimate use of power by the establishment. Still others feel guilty about the poverty and misery of the large mass of humanity. Many more agonize over their career and growth prospects. Family conflicts and relationships concern others. The truth is that the largely unsolved issues of humanity should not prevent you from living a happy life. The following web pages explain how such concerns falsely divert your attention and cause you misery:
Hidden Emotions
Are The Little Things Important?

Joy is also a hidden emotion. When you have acted to remove negative emotions from their ability to control you, you have the opportunity to look around and view the world, without being overwhelmed by disagreeable feelings. After all, you can hardly enjoy the beauty of a flower, when you feel awful. The neural system within you will trigger pleasure for the small things you enjoyed when you were a child. These are built in circuits within you, which recognize specific patterns and trigger pleasure.

Different things awe different people. You can be thrilled, or be unmoved by the idea that a thousand years ago, a great emperor sat on a throne you see in a museum. One person enjoys history, while another thrills to music, literature, or art. Seek out the things, which bring you joy in life. Each time you experience it, a small twinge of pleasure will fire in your brain. It may even fail to come back, if you look again. The feeling cannot be forced. It should come naturally. But it is a concrete neural event and the feeling can make your day. Recognize those subconscious impulses and hoard them. The joy of life is built on those simple foundations.

Hidden Emotions
Do The Positive Emotions Help?

While those emotions operate below the level of awareness, love and compassion can completely modify your behavior. The Buddhists added value to their lives by cultivating such emotions. They practiced the experience of compassion for nature by imagining the feelings of a bird, or an animal. Great actors invoke a range of emotions on stage. If you glare at a person, your words will sound hostile. Try it. You can learn to cultivate positive emotions.

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