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Forgetting what could have been

by Luce

Hello, I thought I'd share one of my concerns on here. Its about girls and specifically getting over them. I know it sounds petty, but one thing i cant seem to control is this 'what if' that i suspect is behind all the stomach churning i get whenever i think of her.

I can think logically how its not useful and i can explain it all to myself, but somehow i still get this reaction in my stomach whenever the image of her with some other guy so much as flickers in my head. I hate feeling so weak, epsecially when i get reasonable success with other emotions.


You can learn to eliminate "what if" thoughts. To do this, you have to become aware of such thoughts at just the moment they arise in your mind. This takes a little practice.

This is the process of developing self awareness. It is the practice of catching troubling thoughts as and when they arise. When you learn to do that, you can still annoying thoughts at will and enjoy greater peace of mind.

In the meanwhile, emotional storms take time to calm down. Time heals all wounds. Accept the idea of having some turmoil in your mind for some time. Your mind will grow stronger with this experience.

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