Way back in 1989, one day, I knew this was Intuition.
Abraham Thomas

KNOW YOURSELF PODCAST Listen each week, to one podcast. Based on practical self improvement principles. From the insight of an engineer, back in 1989, about the data processing structure of the human mind, recognizing, filtering, storing patterns, without stopping.  Patterns of guilt, shame, fear.  How to silence painful subconscious patterns and become self aware.

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If you clicked on this page, you will have already viewed a few of these pages. They view the mind from a new perspective. The guiding concept is that the mind does not compute - it senses patterns. These pages will not be peer reviewed in a scientific journal. The ideas are too far ahead of current research for them to be acceptable to science.

Scientists are not the peers here, but your common sense. Instead of depending on experimental data, follow the Kezwer formula of using your mind as a research lab. Do the views expressed here seem true for your mind? Did you find any aspect helpful? Do 

Human Memory
This website suggests that your nerve cells carry gargantuan memories. Do you have an alternate view? Can you explain the precision and reach of human memory through any other phenomenon? Have the ideas been explained understandably?

Is it not true that you grasp the ideas in this sentence in the few milliseconds in which you read these words? If we assume that intuition enables the mind to sense patterns instantly, would it not explain so many of the things we do intuitively? Have the ideas been explained understandably?

Is it not true that your view of the world swings rapidly between anger, joy and boredom? Is it not true that each is a blinkered view? Are emotions not signals, which create “levels of consciousness” - world views along with drives with specific strategies?

RI - The Real “I”
This website suggests that you have a rational prefrontal intelligence. The Buddhists have claimed that you can see a flower as being “neither ugly, nor beautiful.” Have you experienced a time when you could see the world, unemotionally?

Did you ever think that boredom as an emotion, which manipulates your behavior? Do you recall other life situations, where a emotion controlled your behavior?

Will Power
Will power has been explained as a conflict between RI and emotions. Is that an understandable concept?