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Jordan Peterson - Happiness
Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans?

JUST THINK...   What happens when you begin to talk? Your nervous system has picked an emotion. It has articulated an idea around it, chosen apt words from a vocabulary of thousands of words, arranged them in lexical and grammatical order and adjusted the pitch of your voice. Before you speak you've no consciousness of the words you will use. Who's actually in charge?  This question leads to the question "What is consciousness itself?" Is consciousness a spirit living in a human body?  Is it a mystical life form that emerges from the nervous system?  This is the hard problem of consciousness. 


Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans?

Are humans stupid?

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Jordan Peterson - Happiness

Jordan Peterson's view of happiness is wrong.

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When You Sit In Judgement

When you sit in judgement over another, the state of your mind changes.

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The Orienting Response

The orienting response influences your behavior.

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Imagine 4 Things. Imagine The Possibilities

Imagine 4 things to understand the mind

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The Hard Problem Of Consciousness

An explanation of the "subjective you" phenomenon

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A Quantum Mind?

Quantum mechanics may explain how nature solves impossible problems.

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Searching For God

A true belief in God is unavoidable for a human being.

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Effective Christian Prayer

Effective Christian prayer can lead to miraculous results.

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Self Compassion Training

Self compassion training frees the suffering mind and energizes it.

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How To Relax At Work

How to relax at work. How to become relaxed within seconds

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Make Life Meaningful

Make life meaningful. Is it possible for 15 year old Angie?

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How To Get Over Depression

How to get over depression - five practical steps.

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Life Is Not Fair

Wallowing in bitterness when “Life is not fair” is foolish.

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Seven Tips To Stop Worrying

Tips to stop worrying: This article provides seven tips to help you to stop serious worrying.

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Where Do Thoughts Come From?

Where do thoughts come from? They are the combinatorial firing patterns on the claustrum screen.

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Overcoming Impatience

Overcoming impatience Is a matter of becoming self aware.

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What Does Dissatisfaction Mean?

What does dissatisfaction mean? The presence of a disagreeable emotion, which triggers a neural escape drive.

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What Is Satisfaction?

What is satisfaction - satisfaction is a somatic marker.

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How To Overcome Disappointment

How to overcome disappointment: Disappointment see-saws with the glutamate/GABA balance in your habenula.

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Small Talk Tips For Introverts

Small talk tips for introverts. Key Tip: Leave small talk to extroverts.

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What Does Courage Mean

What does courage mean? Courage alone cannot break a world record.

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What Does Consciousness Mean?

What does consciousness mean? Consciousness materializes, when specific patterns fire in an array of neurons linked to the claustrum.

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How To Keep Calm And Be Yourself

This article presents a way to keep calm and be yourself, even if life appears to be meaningless and hopeless.

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The Working Memory Hippocampus Loop

The working memory hippocampus loop provides a mental workspace to ensure quick decisions and action plans.

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The Social Identity Theory

The Social Identity Theory and the subsequent Self Categorization Theory seek to enable scientists to predict behaviors between groups of people.

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Self Righteous Indignation

The self righteous indignation underlies the obstinate dogmatism, which prevents solutions to myriad world problems.

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The Massive Potential Of The Somatic Marker Hypotheses

The Somatic Marker Hypotheses - Emotions are not “additional data for action,” but the “commands” to the system in an emotions channel.

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Thank you for your incredibly insightful website

After searching for years with therapists and self-examination to understand my crippling lack of self-esteem, your writings are a revelation to me. I'm

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A Theory Of Humor

A Theory of Humor - Humor is an emotion, which identifies, records and sustains a tension releasing event.

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