A Revolutionary Idea

Determinism Contradicts Self Improvement Potential

I find this topic very interesting but I feel that your section on free will vs determinism rather contradicts any potential for self-improvement, at least according to your theories. For in a deterministic world, how would change even be possible?

The mind is deterministic, because the inherited and acquired wisdom of nerve cells make the ultimate decisions. It is deterministic, because an intuitive (statistical neuronal choice in the limbic system between RB rationality, emotions and instincts) decision making process, not “free will” makes the final choice between discussing philosophy and dancing in the rain. Change is possible, when RB discovers and acts on the benefits of stilling emotions. The key decision is determined by knowledge, not a mystic free will.

From what I can understand, you are saying that the mind's 'free will' is more of a rational 'free will' within a deterministic framework brought about by acquired neuronal wisdom?


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