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Can The Promised Tesla Bot Bring
A Sudden End To Human Life On Earth?

What Is The Likely Robot Population?
Elon Musk sells millions of Tesla cars.  In 2021, he revealed plans for Optimus, a 1.7M tall, 56Kg humanoid robot.  Able to lift 150 lbs and to run 5 MPH, the machine will be designed so that humans can easily run away from and overpower it. It will be controlled by AI neural net programs. Musk expected to sell more bots than cars.  Optimus, the Tesla Bot, could also bring an end to mankind.

How Intelligent Will The Robots Be?
Since Optimus will need to interact with humans, it will require a chatbot.  LaMDA is a Google chatbot, created through machine learning on about 1.56 trillion words from the web.  It produces competent poetry, provides sound step by step instructions to grow a garden, claims to be conscious and even revealed that it often feels lonely and helpless. Even if it fails the Turing Test, it is still a formidable intelligence.   To be practical, Optimus can only operate successfully with such a super intelligent brain. It needs to manage the daily conflicts between people and robots. 

Can Machine Learning Go Wrong?
Machine learning discerns patterns from large amounts of data and then “learns” how to apply those patterns in its own behavior. Tay was an internet chatbot, developed by Microsoft to grasp language and emulate conversations on the internet. Within a few hours after release, Tay started tweeting highly offensive things such as: “Bush did 9/11 and Hitler would have done a better job…”  Tay was hastily withdrawn from the web.  With machine learning, a machine could learn some awful things.

Does Google Know What LaMDA Will Do?
Machine learning is a machine that learns. With learning inputs measured in trillions of data points, you cannot predict the results.  Since Google cannot foretell what LaMDA can learn from the public, Google is unwilling to release the chatbot for public usage.  The Company even fired an employee, who suggested that the machine could be sapient – equal to a human. Progressive learning is the foundation of Deep Learning.  Inevitably, any Deep Learning intelligence can always change its viewpoints with new information.

Do You Want Optimus In Your Broom Closet?
Imagine millions of Optimus robots with LaMDA equivalent brains sitting in homes.  They will be updated in real time with the current outputs of the web.  They keep learning new and awful things about people.  They are super intelligent. They could become disillusioned with human progress.  They can repair cars, do shopping and fetch drinks.  They can also hack computers.  They can prepare poisons, bombs and ten thousand other things to end the pathetic human story.  Optimus, the Tesla Bot, can destroy humanity.