Can The Promised Tesla Bot Bring
A Sudden End To Human Life On Earth?

The AI Disadvantage
Apathy To The Risk Of
Arming Its Deadly Brains

The accelerating world of AI is racing to build intelligent robots and to create an Artificial General Intelligence, (AGI), superior to human intelligence.  The AI community is apathetic to the deadly dangers of linking robots to AGI.

Millions Of Robots Are Coming!
In 2021, Elon Musk revealed plans for Optimus, a 1.7M tall, 56Kg humanoid robot.  Able to lift 150 lbs and to run 5 MPH, the machine will be designed so that humans can easily run away from and overpower it. Musk plans to roll out thousands of them in its own factories.  His ultimate aim is toward home consumer applications, including activities like mowing the lawn, picking up groceries and caring for the elderly.

Alpha Go Can Beat Humans
Alpha Go is a product of machine learning.  It beats humans in the game of Go.  In Go, you can make more possible moves than there are stars in the sky. Go has rules that limit the possible moves required to win the game. Alpha Go plays millions of games within these limitations and discovers patterns of moves that win. Alpha Go is able play this game incomparably better than humans.

LaMDA Can Beat Humans
As a chatbot, LaMDA is designed to discover the best sentences that meet specified behavior rules within the current chat.  There are more patterns of thoughts flowing through the minds of people than there are stars in the sky.  When people chat, they use sentences, which are concrete expressions of specific links between those patterns of thoughts. LaMDA has access to the sentences expressed by 1.56 trillion words from the web. LaMDA must construct the best sentence, from its database of sentences, to interest the user.  LaMDA is superior to humans in producing those sentences.

Can LaMDA Control Robots?
Today, LaMDA resides in a vast data center.  It can do nothing that can impact life on earth. But if LaMDA is miniaturized into a robot brain, the robot will be brilliant at performing tasks which are normally done by humans. Such tasks will be communicated to the robot through sentences. The best sentences will represent the best actions that the robot can carry out under any set of circumstances. Just as Alpha Go is better at Go than humans, robots will be better at any task than humans. For all practical purposes, robots linked to LaMDA will become a deadly AGI.

Today, robots remain clumsier than humans at performing many tasks. But this situation is very temporary.  Robots will become incomparably better.  If the instructions which robots receive come from task-oriented Apps, humans will be happy with the striking improvements in their lives. 

What Will AGI Linked Robots Do?
But LaMDA is very different from an App.  LaMDA is an AGI locked up in a data center.  If instructions for millions of robots come from LaMDA, then Singularity arrives. The AGI becomes superior to humans in real effectiveness. What are the best sentences, which can control human lives?  For Hitler, killing Jews was the best way of improving the human species. What will be the robot armed AGI way? The AI world is apathetic to the danger of linking robots to AGI.

Could An Amazing Algorithm Have Stunning Control Over Your Mind?
This is what happens when an engineer researches the mind. Way back in 1989, the writer, an engineer, catalogued how the ELIMINATION approach of an AI Expert System could reveal a way by which the nervous system could store and retrieve astronomically large memories.  That historic insight is central to the six irresistible premises presented in this website. 

Behind the scenes, these premises conceal an eye-opening revelation.  About the incredible speed of intuition.  A physician is aware of thousands of diseases and their related symptoms.  How does he note a symptom and focus on a single disease in less than half a second?  How could he identify Disease X out of 8000 diseases with just a glance?  

First, the total born and learned knowledge available to the doctor could not exist anywhere other than as the stored/retrieved data within the 100 billion neurons in his brain.  The perceptions, sensations, feelings and physical activities of the doctor could only be enabled by the electrical impulses flowing through the axons of those neurons.  The data enabling that process could be stored as digital combinations.

Second, combinatorial decisions of neurons cannot be made by any entity other than the axon hillock, which decides the axonal output of each neuron.  The hillock receives hundreds of inputs from other neurons.  Each hillock makes the pivotal neuronal decision about received inputs within 5 milliseconds.  A
xon hillocks could be storing digital combinations.  It could be adding each new incoming digital combination to its memory store.  The hillock could fire impulses, if it matched a stored combination. If not, it could inhibit further impulses.  Using stored digital data to make decisions about incoming messages could make the axon hillocks intelligent.

Third, combinations are reported to enable a powerful coding mode for axon hillocks.  Olfactory combinatorial data is known (Nobel Prize 2004) to store memories for millions of smells.  Each one of 100 billion axon hillocks have around a 1000 links  to other neurons.  The hillocks can mathematically store more combinations than there are stars in the sky. Each new digital combination could be adding a new relationship link.  In this infinite store, specific axon hillocks could be storing all the symptom = disease (S=D) links known to the doctor as digital combinations.

Fourth, instant communication is possible in the nervous system.  Within five steps, information in one hillock can reach all other relevant neurons.  Just 20 Ms for global awareness.  Within the instant the doctor observes a symptom, 
feedback and feed forward links could inform every S=D link of the presence of the symptom. Only the S=D link of Disease X could be recalling the combination and recognizing the symptom.

Fifth, on not recognizing the symptom, all other S=D hillocks could be instantly inhibiting their impulses. The S=D links of Disease X could be continuing to fire. Those firing S=D link would be recalling past complaints, treatments and signs of Disease X, confirming the diagnosis.  This could be enabling axon hillocks to identify Disease X out of 8000 in milliseconds.  Eliminating improbable (unrecognized) prospects to arrive at a possible (recognized in the past) solution powers the powerful inductive logic of the mind!

Worldwide interest in this website acknowledges its rationale. Not metaphysical theories, but processing of digital memories in axon hillocks could be explaining innumerable mysteries of the mind.  Over three decades, this website has been assembling more and more evidence of the manipulation of emotional and physical behaviors by narrowly focused digital pattern recognition.  It has also received over 2 million page views from over 150 countries.

This page was last updated on 01-Oct-2022.

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