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If, on your way to office, you saw an angel dancing atop a bus, wouldn't you mention it to somebody? Even on pain of being laughed at? It is probably a fundamental drive. Evolution must have designed that particular instinct to keep the herd alert. If you notice something unusual, tell others.

In my case, while playing around with a spreadsheet, I discovered an algorithm, which could be the fabled intuition. Imagine uncovering the secret of intuition! You can hardly keep quiet about something like that! Twenty years after that chance insight, that primal drive to explain its massive implications still keeps me going.

My book, The Intuitive Algorithm, suggests that intuition could be a pattern recognition algorithm and lists the relevance of the routine to a plethora of neural processes. The concept provides a strong link between the mind and Artificial Intelligence. Prof. Marvin Minsky, the doyen of Artificial Intelligence at MIT, responded well to that book, recognizing "many valuable concepts."

It is the same evolutionary logic of the nervous system, which disturbs your peace of mind. This website offers you ways of coping with those primitive foibles. All these ideas stand on their own. But, a reader may need to know more about the writer to fairly judge this website. But, how much? President Kennedy's father is reported to have advised his son to buy just enough votes to win. I thought that was a sound idea.

Ebbi Thomas is my web name. People close to me have spelled my name as Abe, Abbi, Ebbie and even Ebby. The name Ebbi relates to a small memento from my father, who passed away, when I was 15. It is one half of a post card, which reads “My Dearest Ebbi,” So, Ebbi it is. To assist you in your judgment, this is my background:

Many, many years ago, I graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Guindy Engineering College and then earned a postgraduate Diploma in Production Engineering from the Imperial College, London. My experience has been in manufacturing and construction. Early on, I set up an industry, designing and making domestic electric appliances.

Right now, I am the Chairman of Southern Investments P. Ltd., a property development Company, which has designed and built over five million square feet of apartments and office buildings in half a dozen towns in South India. I also wrote The Affluence Machine, a book about the potential of urban development and The Intuitive Algorithm, a book about artificial intelligence and the mind.

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For my peace of mind, I earmarked 20 minutes for meditation on the terrace. With my eyes closed, I sense my hands on the chair and feel the numbness in my feet.

I feel my breath flowing through my nose, my throat, my chest and my stomach. I can hear the chirping of birds, the phut phut of auto rickshaws, the occasional roar of a truck and the insistent hooting of horns.

The wide sky and the treetops come to my attention, when I open my eyes, I see a pale moon over two hundred thousand miles away. I see the nuclear fires, blazing for millions of years in the pale globe of the setting sun. I see a single star millions of miles away in space.

I can see green shoots coming up on a tree, watch the dives and swoops of birds, the great circles of the hawks and flocks of birds flying home for the night.

Diffused light from the sun reflects off a parrot on the tree and enters my eye through a pinhole opening. I sense the bustling mood of the bird, even though it is smaller than a drop of water in my eyes.

All these things are seen and felt by me in a few brief minutes. In the distance, is the head of a man seeming to be no bigger than a pea. Yet, that head too sees and feels such things. Ten million people in this great city see and feel in ten million ways.

My mind wanders to a misty view of postwar London; an exciting glimpse of Disneyland. An awed view of Tiananmen Square. The looming Himalayan ranges. My mind takes me to distant galaxies.

It carries me into the heart of millions of invisible neurons, where electrical charges flash thousands of times a second powering my contemplation. I see the campaigns of Julius Caesar and Alexander. I feel the longings of Jehangir.

Already my mind has taken me to palaces, battlefields and even the stars. If I lost everything, but can just see and feel, in just a few brief minutes, my mind can travel the world, or imagine the cosmos.

While my thoughts wandered far and near, the thought "20 minutes is a long time" also kept floating in. And yet, life has already blessed me with over twenty million waking minutes! I have an infinity of time on my hands. Have I a right to expect more from life?

I really loved the self improvement plan post. Its great food for 
thought and the steps are actually actionable as compared to many other self help sites out there.
Joe Glen USA.

As a clinical therapist, I have found your site very useful!
I love it. ...
Andrew Montgomery USA.