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About Me

If, on your way to office, you saw an angel dancing atop a bus, wouldn't you mention it to somebody? Even on pain of being laughed at? It is probably a fundamental drive. Evolution must have designed that particular instinct to keep the herd alert. If you notice something unusual, tell others.

In my case, while playing around with a spreadsheet, I discovered an algorithm, which could be the fabled intuition. Imagine uncovering the secret of intuition! You can hardly keep quiet about something like that! Twenty years after that chance insight, that primal drive to explain its massive implications still keeps me going.

My book, The Intuitive Algorithm, suggests that intuition could be a pattern recognition algorithm and lists the relevance of the routine to a plethora of neural processes. The concept provides a strong link between the mind and Artificial Intelligence. Prof. Marvin Minsky, the doyen of Artificial Intelligence at MIT, responded well to that book, recognizing "many valuable concepts."

It is the same evolutionary logic of the nervous system, which disturbs your peace of mind. This website offers you ways of coping with those primitive foibles. All these ideas stand on their own. But, a reader may need to know more about the writer to fairly judge this website. But, how much? President Kennedy's father is reported to have advised his son to buy just enough votes to win. I thought that was a sound idea.

Ebbi Thomas is my web name. People close to me have spelled my name as Abe, Abbi, Ebbie and even Ebby. The name Ebbi relates to a small memento from my father, who passed away, when I was 15. It is one half of a post card, which reads “My Dearest Ebbi,” So, Ebbi it is. To assist you in your judgment, this is my background:

Many, many years ago, I graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Guindy Engineering College and then earned a postgraduate Diploma in Production Engineering from the Imperial College, London. My experience has been in manufacturing and construction. Early on, I set up an industry, designing and making domestic electric appliances.

Right now, I am the Chairman of Southern Investments P. Ltd., a property development Company, which has designed and built over five million square feet of apartments and office buildings in half a dozen towns in South India. I also wrote The Affluence Machine, a book about the potential of urban development and The Intuitive Algorithm, a book about artificial intelligence and the mind.

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